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 October  Gallery Hours Thursdays 3-7 Fridays 11-3 Saturdays 12-4

Gallery Hours
Thursdays 11-3
Fridays 11-3
Saturdays 12-4

July  2014

The month begins with our featured artist for July ,Larry Kolty , photographer.

Larry  specializes in taking pictures of exotic places.

As a professionally trained photographer, Larry lived in the Middle East for over 6 ½ years working for several U.S. universities who had branch campuses there. He was extremely fortunate enough to be able to travel and explore many exiting and exotic places. He had the opportunity to photograph the landscapes and inhabitants of these incredible places. He has assembled a collection of his most memorable encounters. By design, through his unique post processing and printing technique, he adds a watercolor painting like feel. His incorporation of highlights, shadows and vivid colors contribute to this ‘as if you were there’ sensation.  He also includes several HDR (High Dynamic Range) images where multiple exposures are compressed into one which can create a surrealistic result or one with tonal ranges which only the human eye can decipher.

His hope is to immerse you into the image so you can actually imagine being there at that exact place and time.Without leaving Medford, you can experience the Middle East, Northern Africa, Europe and other parts of the United States.  _DSC3514_5_6







Opening reception at the gallery is Friday, July 11 from 6:30-8:30 pm.  The gallery is located at 14 Main Street, behind Citizen’s Bank.


Upcoming Events

Spoken Word Salon

Medford Art Center in collaboration with the Medford Public Library begins a new project, the Spoken Word Salon, which showcases artists whose medium is the voice.

The salon launches on Tuesday July 8th from 7-8:30 pm in the Magoun room at the library.  Held every other month, Spoken Word Salon is an opportunity for storytellers, writers, poets, monologists, performance artists and others to share their passion for words with an appreciative audience. Each spoken word artist will get between 5-10 minutes, depending upon the number of signups. Signup begins at 6:45.

For more information, contact Mike Oliver at or Barbara Kerr at

Making Art together

This program consists of a series of participatory classes in different art forms, led by artists who are members of the Medford Arts Center. Each workshop focuses on a different type of art (mosaics, jewelry, fiber arts, painting, making and painting colorful flags, etc). Each series of workshops will include at least five different workshops.

The program is geared toward will be Medford-area children, grades 3 and up, and their parents. Unlike other art classes, these workshops will involve both parents and children equally in the process of making art, with the goals of building family and community bonds. We anticipate about 12 participants for each workshop, including children and adults. Workshops will be given in locations donated for this purpose. There is a slight materials fee charge for the workshops. Finished work can be taken home by the participants. No previous experience is required for any of the workshops. The first series of workshops , held in collaboration with the Medford Public Library are:

Wednesday, July 9: Fabric 11-12 pm

Wednesday, July 9: Mosaic 3-5 pm

Thursday, July 10: Watercolor 10-12 pm

Wednesday, July 16: Beading 11-12 pm

Thursday, July 17: Cartooning 3-5 pm

For more information, call Susan at 781-526-4714.


The Mystic Art Gallery features works from local artists  around the region.  At the gallery, you can immerse yourself in another’s perspective and see things in a different way thereby deepening your appreciation of the world around you.  So next time you are in Medford Square, take an art break. Your mind will thank you.  The gallery is located at 14 Main Street, Medford, behind Citizen’s Bank.  For more information, go to


 Below is a preview of some of the wonderful art shown at Mystic Art Gallery